Feast with Strangers #02


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Ticket includes one main course, a menu of specially prepared questions and an entry to a whole new world of perspectives.

About Feast with Strangers

When was the last time you truly got to know someone?

As the world gets increasingly connected with social media, it feels like so many of us are drifting apart from one another, starved of a deep connection with our friends and other people around us.

As we go about our busy lives, so many of us rarely take the time to pause and be fully present for those around us. Of the 1,000 plus friends we have on Facebook, how many of them do we truly know? How many of them can we turn to for emotional support as we go through life?

With that in mind, we started the Feast with Strangers.

The idea is:

Over a meal, we bring 2 strangers together and hand them a conversation menu with carefully curated questions that go deeper as the night goes on - side-stepping small talk and niceties, heading straight for the gritty stuff.

Questions range from the appetizers: "Given the choice of anyone in the world, whom would you want as a dinner guest?"

All the way to dessert: "If you were to die this evening, what would you most regret not having told someone?"

Come experience an evening of meaningful conversation and connection with a complete stranger. Marvel at the diversity in stories, perspectives and experiences we all have.

Who is it for?

This is for people (both introverts and extroverts!) with a love for authentic conversations who want to get out of the cycle of small talk and drop into a deeper level of connection.

Come share your perspectives, ideas, life stories and dreams with other like-minded people who are drawn to growth, empathy and authenticity, while hearing theirs as well.

Cultivate the art of empathetic listening while experiencing the joy that comes with an authentic conversation and deeper level connection with a fellow human being, in a highly intimate space of love, support and non-judgment.

Who knows? You might just walk away with a new best friend and a life changing conversation.

What is it like?

Here are some pictures from our previous Feast with Strangers:

What is included in the ticket?

Your main course and a conversation menu will be included in the ticket. Our friends at Waa Cow! Sushi Bar have prepared a special set meal for the occasion and it is simply delicious! Closer to the event date, you will receive a form where you can select your main course for the day.

Anything else I need to know?
  • Due to the nature of the event, if you are unable to attend after purchasing your ticket, please let us know 3 days in advance so that we have time to find a replacement. This is to ensure that every attendee will have a meal buddy for that day.
  • By signing up, you are committing to stay for 90 minutes for a meal and conversation
Other than that, just come in with a curious mind and an open heart at 12pm. We look forward to hosting you!


The Happiness Circle Team


What's the story behind Feast with Strangers?

First started 3 years ago by Oxford Historian Theodore Zeldin who celebrated his 65th birthday by bringing a bunch of strangers together for a meal, it has been done in multiple cities around the world and we are bringing it to Singapore, to encourage more Singaporeans & friends, to put down our phones and connect genuinely with someone else.

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Sat Jul 29, 2017
12:00 PM - 2:00 PM SGT
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